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Experimental Verification of de-Broglie’s equation

The revolutionary postulate of de-Broglie has been confirmed by Davisson and Germer’sexperiment in 1927 . Similarly experiments which carried out independently by G.P. Thomson in 1928 and later Stern observed that the beems of heavier particles (like
, He…. etc) showed diffraction patterns when reflected from the surfaces of crystals.

 Davisson and Germer's experiment in 1927

The pattern of the electron diffraction obtained by these scientists was found to be similar to that of X-ray diffraction (since the wave nature of -rays is well established hence electrons also should have a wave nature), In addintencity of reflection of lightition they observed that the wavelength of the electrons was also found to be similar with that calculated by de-Broglie. Hence, the dual nature of the electron and the quantitative nature of de-Broglie’s equation was established with high accuracy.

Applications of de-Broglie Concept : The main applications of de-Broglie’s concept are

1. The development of electron microscope.
2. It theoretically supports the Bohr’s second postulate.

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