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Bohr atomic model Molecular Orbital Theory
De Broglie Hypothesis Hydrogen bond
De Broglie equation Reagent
Heisenberg uncertainty principle VSEPR theory
Schrodinger wave equation Alkali Metals
Shape of orbital Alkaline Earth Metals
Quantum Numbers (Not available) SILICATES
Hunds Rule (Not available) CARBIDES
Aryl halides
Benzyl chloride
Pauli Exclusion Principle (Not available) Noble gases (Not available)
Aufbau Principle (Not available) Beryllium (Not available)
Energy level diagram (Not available) Fluorine (Not available)
Screening effect or shielding effect Slater’s Rule (Not available) Lithium (Not available)
s-block elements p-block elements d-block elements (Not available) Molecular structure (Not available)
Atomic radii (Not available) Hybridization (Not available)
Ionic radii (Not available) Van der Waals Forces (Not available)
Ionization Energy Inductive Effect (Not available)
Electron affinity’ and ‘electron affinity’ Resonance (Not available)
Electronegativity (Not available) Hyperconjugation (Not available)
CHEMICAL BONDING (Not available) Tautomerism (Not available)
Inert Pair Effect (Not available) Alkane (Not available)
Lattice energy (Not available) Cycloalkane or Alicyclic Compounds (Not available)
Fajans Rule (Not available) ALKENE (Not available)
Covalent Bond (Not available) ALKYNE (Not available)
Coordinate Bond (Not available) STEREOCHEMISTRY (Not available)
Metallic bond (Not available) Racemic mixture (Not available)
Geometrical Isomerism (Not available) Alkyl halides (Not available)
sn1 and sn2 reactions (Not available) Grignard reagents (Not available)
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