3rd Year Question Banks
| Papers |
Paper 1: Mathematical Physics and Classical Mechanics
Chapter_1_Orthogonal Transformation
Chapter_2_Curvilinear Coordinates
Chapter_3_Special Functions
Chapter_4_Mechanics Of A System of Particles
Chapter_5_Centre of Mass
Chapter_6_Canonical Formulation
Chapter_7_Motion of rigid bodies
Paper 2: Quantum Mechanics
Chapter_1_Matter Radiation
Chapter_2_Schrodinger Equation
Chapter_4_One Dimensional Problems for Simple and Harmonic Motion
Chapter_5_Hydrogen Atom
Paper 3: Statical Mechanics and Modern Physics
Chapter_1_Basic Concept of Thermodynamics
Chapter_2_Thermal Equilibrium it’s probability and distribution speed
Chapter_3_Quantum Statistics
Chapter_4_Magnetic Materials and their properties
Chapter_5_Laser and Maser
Chapter_6_Nucleus and nuclear models
Chapter_7_Nuclear Instruments
Chapter_8_Elementary Particles
Paper 4: Spectra of atom molecules
Chapter_1_Atomic Model 
Chapter_2_Atomic spectra of one valence electronic system
Chapter_3_Atomi Spectra of two valence Electronic System
Chapter_4_Molecular spectra of Diatomic molecules
Chapter_5_Fluorescence and Raman spectra
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