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Dear Supporters,

We are running an education-related website www.bscbooks.com. We are a strong supporter of providing quality education content and believe that every student deserves a quality education, regardless of socio-economic background.

Our mission

Many students need costly books to study and get quality education. But many students are unable to afford thus unable to qualify for the exams or get good ranks. So, our mission is to bring about a change in the education system and provide students with the online resources and support they need to succeed in their academic pursuits.

Our Journey

Our journey toward this cause started back in 2018. While studying in college, we saw many of our batch mates who were not able to afford the costly books and made do with only notes. Due to the unavailability of good educational material, they could hardly excel in exams. To get good ranks in exams, one needs the latest pattern study material. This is why we decided to create this website for such students.
Last time, we developed an app but it could not be developed to the full stage due to a lack of sufficient funds. So, this is our first project and thousands of students are benefiting from this website and are getting advanced education content.

Today, we are reaching out to you with an initiative that aims to revolutionize the way education is delivered to students in need. Our goal is to raise 90 Lakhs to fund the development of resources, manpower, and new educational patterns that will provide more and more quality education to students everywhere.

Fund Utilization

The fund utilization will be as follows:

1- Quality content: Our main objective is to provide more and more quality content according to the latest education pattern and syllabus. For this, we will acquire advanced software to develop 3-d models, professors, PhD students expert teachers to write useful and engaging content for students.

2- Videos: Additionally, sometimes, only written content is not enough, and many students require a video to clear their doubts on a topic. Keeping this in mind, we will add a high-quality video section on each and every topic. We will hire teachers for all subjects like chemistry, maths, physics, biology, zoology, etc. For video recording, sources like writing boards, office spaces, teachers, etc. Will be required.

3- Manpower: the successful running of this website will require great manpower like subject-related teachers, a support management team for students and teachers, developers and SEO experts, digital marketing experts, and advertisements to reach our cause to every student in need. In this way, this website will be a source of employment for thousands of people.

4- Research: Funds will be required for regular research on advanced methods of education that will make learning easy for every student.

5- App development: We will create a user-friendly app for students. This app will be for students from class 1st to Phd level. This will have the best teachers for every class and subject. Students will be able to easily use the app and study well and clear all their doubts through the teachers.

Our Vision

Our main objective is to provide students with access to high-quality educational content in a format that is engaging and accessible. Our video section will feature videos created by experienced educators and will cover a wide range of subjects like maths, science, English, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and much more. In addition to the video section, we will also provide students with access to highly-paid book content, free of charge.


We understand that the road ahead is long and challenging, but with your support, we can create a brighter future for the next generation of learners. Your donation will help us to develop new resources, hire additional manpower, and incorporate the latest educational patterns into our program.

Please join us in our mission to bring about a positive change in the education system. Your generosity will help us make a positive impact on the lives of students everywhere. Please donate generously and share our campaign with your friends and family.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to working together to bring quality education to students everywhere.

Vishwajeet Gautam(Founder of Bscbooks)

Email ID: admin@bscbooks.com

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