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General Studies of S & P Block Elements

The modem periodic table consists of eight vertical columns known as groups and seven horizontal lines known as periods‘. These vertical columns are designed as IA(1), IIA(2), IIIA(13), IVA (14), VA (15), VIA(16) VIIA(17), and zero( 18) groups. The gap between II A (2) and III A(13) consists of 10 elements placed in horizontal lines called ‘d-block elements. The two groups IA and IIA are placed at the extreme left of the periodic table and are known as ‘s-block’ elements. Similarly, the groups IIIA (13) to zero (18) are placed to the extreme right of the periodic table and are known as P-block elements as shown in figure 4.01, The lower part of the periodic table comprises two horizontal lines consisting of lanthanides and actinides. We have to discuss here only the studies of s and p-block elements.

Fig. 4.01: Position of s and p block elements in the periodic table

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