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Chapter 5th:- Oxyacids of Boron, Phosphorus, and Sulphur

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Oxyacids of Boron

In oxyacids of boron, Borons several oxyacids which are commonly known as boric acids. Though all the acids may be regarded as aquated boric oxides. It involves a different number of water molecules e.g.

Orthoboric acid:              H3BO3      or            B2O3.3H2O

Metaboric acid:               HBO2        or            B2O3.H2O

Pyroboric acid:                H6B4O9     or            2B2O3.3H2O

Tetraboric acid:               H2B4O7     or            2B2O3.H2O

Phase studies of the system B2O3H2O. It shows that orthoboric acid and metaboric acid are stable oxyacids.

  1. Orthoboric acid, H3BO3 or B(OH)3 :


  1. From borax or by treatment of borax with mineral acid (commercial method): Borax can be converted into boric acid by treatment with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid.

Boric Acid

(i) By hydrolysis of boron compounds; BX3 where X = H, halogen, OR, NR2:

By the action of super-heated water on BN and B2S3: H3BO3 can be prepared by the action of super-heated water on boron nitride and boron sulfide as:

Boron Nitrate

From colemanite: Most of the world’s supply of boric acid comes from the source. Crystals of boric acid are obtained when SO2 gas is passed into a suspension of the finely powdered mineral in hot water.

Colemanite, boric acid


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