Discover | New | Anti Cancer Agent

Indian Scientists Discover New Anti-Cancer Agent With Exceptional Results

Who's Discover the New Anti Cancer Agent?

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There are three institutes who's discovered Anti Cancer Agents.


Scientists From :


(i). Scientist of (TIFR) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research from mumbai

Scientists From :


(ii). Scientist of  (ARI) He Agharkar Research Institute Pune

Scientists From :


(iii). IIT Hyderabad

Anti Cancer Agent

Anti Cancer Agent Discovered Scientist Name Are:-

Malay Patra, Sushanta Chhatar, Manikandan M. and Shubhankar Gadre

TIFR's Scientist

ARI's Scientist

Gourav Chakraborty and Chinmay Patra

Naushad Ahmed

IIT Scientist

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